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The idea of setting up a tool which will both channel and extend the debate fostered by the PRPC (“Plataforma para la Reflexión sobre Políticas Culturales” – Platform for Reflection on Cultural Policies) was present even before we adopted that name. Right from the start, we saw the “e-“, fomented in different local contexts by Technologies to the People, as a model that was largely adaptable to our needs.

With the implementation of e-sevilla-org our aim is to provide a permanent open space for discussion of the city’s cultural policies. Initially set up to serve BIACS, this subsequently expanded to address art and culture in general in an attempt to involve all those agents connected with culture in its different disciplines.

The possibility of collaborating to create a register that will gather together and classify news items concerning cultural policy will not only allow a general overview of these policies in the short term, but will also enable us to analyse them with a certain amount of hindsight with the passage of time.

In addition, we hope that the possibility of the city having a completely independent, accessible forum in which to express public opinion on these issues will stimulate debate and contribute towards the appearance of a critical social fabric.

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