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Technologies To The People, an artistic project by Daniel G. Andújar, was created during the Discord project Sabotage of Realities that took place in 1996 in Hamburg’s Kunstverein and Kunsthaus. Technologies To The People is part of the international collective is the international referent for web art. is part of a series of online platforms serving the artistic sector through Technologies To The People such as (aimed at all of those who are interested in web art-related issues); (a discussion portal on Valencian cultural policy); (a discussion portal on Catalonian cultural policy); (a working platform in South Korea); (An international platform that compiles theoretical texts and news on contemporary art); Artists materials and their use in art( a platform for discussing, experimenting with and spreading artistic tools developed using freeware); and (a platform for discussion, critique and debate arising from the context of the 4thedition of Manifesta, the travelling European Bi-annual.

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