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PSYCHOECONOMY! Corporate Summit Madrid 2010

“On July 2 and 3, , four world corporate and state leaders will meet in Madrid. The Summit will take place at a time when the world confronts the worst economic crisis since the Second World War. Their goal: to elaborate a declaration seeking to reverse the status of the economy.”
PSYCHOECONOMY! is an artistic platform for discussion and research, proposing an alternative approach on various global issues. Each edition involves an ’s meeting, a public event and the publication of the resulting conclusions, documents, texts and graphic materials.
Artists participating in the first issue:

Daniel García Andújar ()
Fran Ilich (SpaceBank)
Georg Zoche (Transnational Republic)


PSYCHOECONOMY! is a project directed by Gustavo Romano. It´s first edition will take place at Matadero Madrid on the occasion of Madrid Abierto.


“El 2 y 3 de julio de 2010, cuatro líderes del mundo empresarial y político se reunirán en Madrid. Lo harán en un momento en que el mundo enfrenta la peor crisis económica desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Su objetivo: redactar una declaración conjunta buscando revertir el estado de la economía mundial.”
PSYCHOECONOMY! es una plataforma artística de discusión e investigación que propone un enfoque alternativo sobre diversos temas globales. Cada edición incluye una reunión de artistas, un evento y la publicación de las conclusiones resultantes, documentos, textos y materiales gráficos.
Artistas participantes en la primera edición:

Daniel García Andújar (Technologies to the People)
Fran Ilich (SpaceBank)
Georg Zoche (Transnational Republic)
Gustavo Romano (TimeNotesBank)


PSYCHOECONOMY! es un proyecto dirigido por Gustavo Romano cuya primera edición tendrá lugar en Matadero Madrid en el marco de Madrid Abierto

Viernes, 02 de julio de 2010
19:00 – 22:00
Paseo de la Chopera 14
Madrid, Spain

An artist who uses irony and presentation strategies that employ new communication technologies to question the democratic and equalitarian promises of these media and criticise the desire for control lying behind their apparent transparency. Based on the confirmation that new information and communication technologies are transforming our everyday life, Daniel G. Andújar created a fiction (Technologies To The People, 1996) designed to make us increase our awareness of the reality around us and of the deception in promises of free choice that are converted, irremissibly, into new forms of control and inequality. A long-time member of i rational.org (international reference point for art on the web) and founder of Technologies To The People , he is the creator of numerous projects on the Internet such as art-net-dortmund, e-barcelona.org, e-valencia.org, e-seoul.org, e-wac.org, e-sevilla.org, Materiales de artista, etc. He has directed numerous workshops for artists and social collectives in different countries.

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