The Archivist’s Impatience, Curated by Shaheen Merali

The Archivist’s Impatience is a series of installations and works by artists Daniel G. Andújar , Pablo Bartholomew, Leila Pazooki and Jean-Gabriel Périot, that constitute a collective response to the slow, but ever growing, relationship to media and the erosion of values which followed the global upheavals after the Second World War and, particularly its continuing effects in the second half of the twentieth-century.

Drawing on … various archival material and closely examining the effects of change, the artists, as members of the community, have reconfigured the material to address aspects that they find important, towards allowing a better understanding of the role of images and ideas in the world. The exhibition is curated by Shaheen Merali. This is the third exhibition in a spate of few years by the curator Shaheen Merali in Mumbai, following the inaugural exhibition at the BMB Gallery, The Dark Sciences of Five Continents, which had followed on the heels of Everywhere is War (and rumours of War) at Bodhi Mumbai.


Lower Parel

Mumbai, India

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