Wealth of Nations. Spike Island

Wealth of Nations

09 October – 28 November

Gallery One & Perimeter Gallery

The term “Wealth of Nations” is the title of the seminal book by the Scottish economist Adam Smith, in which he establishes and defends the basics of Liberal Economic Policy. Liberal Economics experienced its peak in the 1990s after the concept of Real Socialism had failed and the global free market had been established. This economy, however, has entered a period of deep crisis in past years and it affects the stability of societies.

This syntax Wealth of Nations is used, on the one hand, as a theme for today’s state of liberal economy and, on the other hand, raises serious questions:
What really constitutes value? Is it social interaction, beliefs and fears along with market indexes? To what extent is money nature or culture? Is money the equivalent of goods, labour, or is it self-referential?

In this group exhibition of international artists and art collectives the notions of (material and immaterial) value, money and debt within today’s society, as well as social practices reaching for alternative models of economy are explored.

Wealth of Nations will delve into the influences that the Economic and Financial sectors have on society and consequently, on cultural production. The works are dealing with different fields of manifestations ranging from the role of the art market, stock exchange relations and the accumulation of artworks, through capitalisation of art, commoditisation of nature and other human resources. The show explores the case where religious doctrine and moral propositions regulate the financial sector e.g. Islamic Banking or some specific cases from local economic histories in Europe.

Artists and Art Collectives currently confirmed:

Daniel Andujar, Derivart, IRWIN, Irational.org – Heath Bunting & Kayle Brandon, Kate Rich, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Michael Aschauer, Ola  Pehrson, Shu Lea Cheang, Slavko Bogdanović, Société Réaliste, Vladimir Todorović.

Wealth of Nations artists and art collectives are based in Spain, France, UK, Austria, Slovenia, Australia, Bulgaria, USA, Croatia, Sweden, Serbia, Singapore.

This show has been curated by Kristian Lukic and Gordana Nikolić, the recipient of the 2009 Spike Island Accented Residency.

For more information on the first installment of Wealth of Nations which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia in 2009, please see: http://www.napon.org/exhibitions/wealth-of-nations-exhibition/

Galleries open 11-5pm Tue to Sun
Spike Café open Mon to Fri 9-5pm, Sat & Sun 11-4pm
Spike Island 133 Cumberland Road, , Bristol BS1 6UX, UK
+44 (0)117 929 2266

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