Felix Stalder: Remixing and the Culture of Networked Society

Lecture (german)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 7 pm


Remixing—the use of existing works to create new works—is more than just a style of electronic music. Remixing rather characterizes a meta-method that is becoming increasingly pivotal to all cultural practices. While many avant-garde movements of the twentieth century were concerned with processes of authorship decentering, the universal medium of the networked computer at the dawn of the twenty-first century turned it into a mass phenomenon. Felix Stalder will be presenting an overview of the ramifications of this changeover, which links questions of media-related development with a reconceptualization of authorship and with legal, economic, and sociopolitical dynamics.

Felix Stalder is a lecturer on the theory of media society at the School of Art and Design Zurich, Department for Media Arts. For many years he has been exploring the dynamics of the interface between culture, technology, politics, et cetera and has been a longtime moderator of the Nettime mailing list as well as a board member of the Vienna Institute for New Culture Technologies, where he most recently co-organized the conference Deep Search. Recent publications: Open Cultures and the Nature of Networks (Frankfurt: Revolver, 2005), Manuel Castells and the Theory of the Network Society (Polity Press, 2006), and Mediale Kunst Zürich (Zurich: Scheidegger & Spiess, 2008). His publications can be accessed at http://felix.openflows.org.

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