Close Window. Refresh

Frame Project presents

Close Window. Refresh
International Video Exhibition
Works by Mogens Jacobsen, Erik Olofsen, Sachiko Hayashi, Taeyoon Choi, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson and Daniel G. Andújar
Curator: Annette Finnsdottir

Starts the 23rd of February from 19-21
last day the 28th of June 2008
Sct. Mathiasgade 35 D, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

The window is seen as the borderline between inside and outside, between the private and the public domain, but also as the transparence between these spheres. This exhibition presents the digital transmission to the urban pulse and image by showing the videos in the big front window of Senko Studio in Viborg. Simultanously the videos are shown ‘full screen’ at

We call the interface on the internet ‘browserwindow’. It is the way in and the way out of the virtual scape; an opening and a closure. We open up to new information and experiences. We use the functionality ‘refresh’ if we want to update the content. And with “Close Window. Refresh” as the title for this exhibition I want to reflect on the interference and the transcoding the internet has on our daily reality.

The artists are all from the international digital art scene and embrace the theme from an aesthetic, humorous, social or/and political point of view.

February 23.rd – March 2008
Mogens Jacobsen (Denmark): ”Bridge”, 2003

Mogens Jacobsen starts this series with the algorithmic film ”Bridge”. ”Bridge” is based on a collage of still-images of buildings in Japan. The scanning of the original image is the only movement in the film and this movement creates a slow and soft digital abstraction of the Asian megapolis.
In the 1990ties Mogens was primarily operating within And in 1995 he was a founding member of the Danish art group “The Artnode Foundation”. In the beginning of the current millennium, he grew tired of the GUI (graphical user interface) as an artistic medium. From that time he has mainly been working with networked physical installations. His ”Hørbar” is currently exhibited at ”You_ser” at ZKM in Germany.

March – April 2008
Erik Olofsen (Netherland):”Public Figures” 2007

In his video”Public Figures” Erik Olofsen turns the platform of a subway station into a stage for uniting public and private matters. Like turning down the volume of the hecticality and the noice of the platform, we suddenly perceive minimal gestures and intimate moments, which are normally not visible to the human eye.
Erik combines in his works different elements and disciplines that interact together and reinforce each other, in order to portray social changes and situations in an abstract manner. He has also introduced new technology to his artistic work, including industrial robots and high-speed digital cameras.
He wonThe Golden Cube of the Kassel Documentary and Film Festival, with the installation, ‘Public Figures’ and he has been exhibited before in Denmark in the video exhibition ”TimeSquare”, 2007 with his video ”In Places” .

April – April 2008
Taeyoon Choi (SouthKorea): “Image Oriented Dietary Consumption”, 2008

“Image Oriented Dietary Consumption” is a new video by Taeyoon. In this work he critically questions the political function of digital image in public spaces on Net.
Taeyoons works intervene into urban media spaces humorously, in order to deliver critical commentary on contemporary digital culture. He works with performance and digital media and is a 2008 commissioned resident artist at the Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, NYC.

April 2008
Hrafnkell Sigurdsson (Iceland): “Browse”, 2008
Hrafnkell Sigurdsson has recently exhibited in Danish context on the netgallery with his piece “Search”, 2007. “Search” consists of 1725 personal gayprofiles from web 2.0 which he remixes with an intense soundscape in his desperation for contact with what seems so close but are out of reach. In his new work “Browse” he continues his investigation of the net and web 2.0 as social media.
Hrafnkell is educated from Goldsmith in London and works with video, photography, sculpture and performance. In 2007 he won the Icelandic Visual Arts Award.

May – June 2008
Sachiko Hayashi (Japan) ”N00sphere Playground”, 2008.

Sachiko Hayashi has also recently exhibited with ”N00sphere Playground” in a Danish context at the exhibition Virtual Moves organized by Tagging Art. ”N00sphere Playground” is an interactive soundinstallation in the 3D-platform Second Life at the internet.
Sachiko points to Second Life as a dreamscape made up by its real-life participants. In this fantasy world, our wishes, desires and dreams are manifested in the objects we create and in the way our avatars behave to relate to each other.
”N00sphere Playground” at Senko Frame Project is a ”machinima” of this work. A ”machinima” is a new videogenre, where all the recordings are made within the virtual world with avatars as the protagonists.
Sachiko is a visual artist who primarily works in video and screen-based interactive media. Her works have been shown widely internationally at various new media festivals.

June – June 2008
Daniel G. Andújar (Spain): ”Honor”, 2006

The last video in this series is by the mediaartist Daniel G. Andújar better known under the fiction ‘Technologies To The People’. “Honor” is a part of his ‘Postcapital Archives’, and in this work he remixes videosamples from the net. The samples consist of amateur recordings made by combatants themselves from hot spots of global war and then uploaded to the net and from the many wargames available on the net. This video gives a scary picture of the growing convergence between the real and the virtual imaginations we have about our world. Daniel has created numerous netbased artworks and directed international workshops for artists and social collectives. He has exhibited previously in denmark in Aarhus Kunsbygning in the exhibition curated by Jacob Lillemose.
Annette Finnsdottir (DK/IS)
Curator and mediaartist.
Founder and director of Netfilmmakers – netgallery for netfilm, netvideoart and netart.
Co-founder and part of Tagging Art – organization for living images. Extern Lecturer at Visuel Culture, Institute for Culture and Art Science,
University of Copenhagen.

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