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The 6th RAM workshop entitled “Social Interaction & Collective Intelligence” will take place from August 25th to 29th, 2004 in Vilnius, Lithuania, organized by Jutempus interdisciplinary art program. RAM6 takes place at CAC – Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius and in a forest out of the city.

RAM – Re-approaching New Media is a collaboration project based in Northern Europe run by separate organizations which all are exploring new media in relation to the artistic and cultural field.

RAM creates an international network of artists, technicians, designers, media activists and cultural practitioners and theoreticians with an array of skills in new technology, and provokes a productive and critical dialogue and an exchange between different artistic cultures using “new media” as tools in their art practice, but also to encourage the creation of new tools and forms of expression/communication.

The RAM workshop series provides the platform for the first annual event of VILMA – Vilnius Interdisciplinary Lab for Media Arts.


Forest 1: archetypes, archiving, collaboration, games, gpsm, locative, mapping, memory, narrative, nature, orientation, psychogeography, survival.

Forest 2: behavior, connectivity, creative commons, decoding, encoding, hacking, interaction, information society, language, mobile, networks, open source, poetics, recording, satellite, scripting, software, transmitting, web technology, wireless.

VILMA: identity, interface, open center, performative, representation, spokesperson, streaming, translation, transformative and transgressive character, voicing.

RAM6 programme

August 25 / 1st day
14.00-18.00 Registration and introduction to workshop agenda:
welcome & introduction by VILMA 5min.
welcome by CAC 5 min. Nils Claesson / on ram.net 15 min.
introduction to the workshops:
Kim Cascone 15 min.
John Hopkins 15 min.
Daniel G. Andujar 15 min.
Derek Holzer & Sara Kolster 15 min.
18.00–19.00 Registration for the workshops
19.00-22.00 Lounge CAC + Jansas (LT) food + DJ SET PB8
August 26 / 2nd day
10.00-12.00 workshop session
12.00-13.00 lunch CAC
13.00-15.00 workshop session
15.00-15.30 coffee break / CAC
15.30-17.00 workshop session
17.00-18.00 cafe / soup / CAC
public events:
18.00 Talk session : Geert Lovink (NL) / CAC
19.00 presentations: George N Dafermos (GR), Sureyya Evren (TUR), Joanne Richardson (RO),
Tomas Jonusis (LT), Daniel G. Andujar (ESP), Matteo Pasquinelli (IT)
20.30 performance : Evaldas Jansas (LT) / CAC Cafe
21.30 performance : Mikomikona (DE) / CAC
August 27 / 3rd day
10.00-12.00 workshop sessions
12.00-13.00 lunch on the stairs / concept: Rai (LT)
13.00-15.00 workshop session
15.00-15.30 coffee break
15.30-17.00 workshop session
17.00-18.00 cafe / soup
public events:
18.00 Talk session: Jorge Blasco Gallardo (ESP), Linda M Wallace (NL)
20.00 Forest test real time streaming: ForestCAC /
Juozas Milasius (LT) (processed guitar in the forest) + Darius Èiuta (LT) (laptop at CAC)
21.00 sound session: Kim Cascone (US) / CAC
for participants: 22.00 dinner at “CAC TV” / CAC hostal
August 28 / 4th day
10.00-16.00 workshop session, streaming, performances, presentations:
forest public event:
18.00-22.00 real time streaming event: Forest[vilma.cc]CAC
presentation of the workshops moderated by Daniel Garcia Andujar (ESP), Kim Cascone (US),
Nils Claesson (SE), John Hopkins (US), Derek Holzer (NL), Sara Kolster (NL), together with
Mario (LT), open code games club „Reality“ and workshop participants

workshops / tutors

Kim Cascone
John Hopkins
Derek Holzer & Sara Kolster
Geert Lovink
Daniel Garcia Andujar

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