Transmediale 2013 BWPWAP Berlin/DE:29.01-03.02.2013

To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. – Mark TwainSoftware is mind control—get some. – i/o/d Through a selection of 13 artists, Tools of Distorted Creativity questions the notion of creativity that has been instrumental to the development of the personal computer, from its first stationary instantiations in the 1980s to today’s mobile devices. Since its introduction, the personal computer has embodied the dream of the creative machine that allows the user to expand and explore her creative potential, rather than making her a slave of the machine. The personal computer itself is, however, only half of this story about machine-aided creativity. The other and equally important half of the story are the software tools at the user’s disposal within the machine environment. Each of these hundreds of thousands of tools presents certain forms of perception, ways of thinking and modes of acting, that in turn activate certain kinds of creativity. So rather than being a general notion, creativity needs to be recognized as a multiplicative and diverse form of practice. Creativity also needs recognition as the source of open potential for tools yet to be invented.

/ Tuesday 31 Jan 2012 - Opening Night 17:00 transmediale 2012 Exhibition Vernissage Dark Drives. Uneasy Energies in technological Times curated by Jacob Lillemose with artworks from Ant Farm, William S. Burroughs and Antony Balch, Art 404, Bjørn Erik Haugen, Bureau of Inverse Technology (B.I.T.), Chris Burden, Chris Cunningham/Aphex Twin, Constant Dullaart, Costanza Candeloro and Luca Libertini, Daniel García Andújar / Technologies To The People, Heath Bunting, Jack Caravanos (Blacksmith Institute), Vibek Raj Maurya, Jaromil, Jennifer Chan, JK Keller, JODI, jon.satrom, Junko & Mattin, Marcelina Wellmer, Matteo Giordano, Karla Grundick and Mistress Koyo, Paidia Institute, Peter Luining, Ruth White, SPK, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Sture Johannesson, Nikola Tesla, Jay Dahl, TR Kirstein, Tracy Cornish, UBERMORGEN.COM, VNS Matrix, [epidemiC], Franco Berardi, Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG

In May 2004 Susanne Jaschko gave a lecture on 'The Art of Hacking – or: Communication Guerrilla as Artistic Practice with New Media' and a presentation of selected video art pieces of last year's transmediale festival during which they discussed both the aesthetics and exhibition formats of the works Introduction In 1998 a 21 year old guy named ïto messed up the world of marketing by inventing a very unconventional marketing campaign for a Macintosh computer: the so called “hack- Mac”.  This design for a computer cited a military look with camouflage pattern and a solid-defensive casing, thus looking like both a fancy accessoire and a possible weapon. Consequently, the campaign was made up with the obvious slogan “think weapon” in the original Apple Macintosh-fond and the apple motive in slightly darkened colours.

an anonymous award for those who feed or fight the digital dragon the lux ziffer award was first assigned at transmediale.01. lux ziffer #1went to Daniel Garcia Andujar for his CD-Rom Phoney TM, which in adisquieting way pretends to unlawfully access

an anonymous award for those who feed or fight the digital dragon zum ersten mal wurde der lux ziffer award bei der transmediale.01 vergeben.lux ziffer #1 ging an Daniel Garcia Andujar für seine CD-Rom Phoney TM, dieillegale zugriffe auf nicht-oeffentliche daten

Presentation of the awards, February 10th, 8.30 pm The award ceremony of this year's transmediale.01 for the categories Video, Interactive and Artistic Software took place on Saturday evening. Together with all the shortlisted artists, artist's groups and numerous international guests, the State Minister for Culture and Media Prof. Julian Nida-Rümelin awaited the announcement of the prizewinners. In his introduction, Nida-Rümelin pointed out the necessity to consider and foster media art as an integral part and critical mirror of the information society. The prize in the category Artistic Software, a prize which was awarded at the transmediale for the first time at an international festival, was split between Adrian Ward/Signwave (UK) for his program „Auto-Illustrator“ [www.signwave.co.uk] and Netochka Nezvanova for her very idiosyncratic internet browser „Nebula.M81 - Autonomous“ [www.eusocial.com]. The prize in the category Interactive went to Herwig Weiser and Albert Bleckmann (D) for their installation „zgodlocator“ [phosphen.org/zgodlocator]. The prize in the category Video was split as well between Istvan Kantor (CDN) for „BROADCAST“ and Sylvie Laliberté (CDN) for „L’Outil n’est pas toujours un marteau“.

Alba Colombo, artszin Transmediale.01, Internacional media art festival DIY (do it yourself) Berlín La Transmediale, como una pequeña gota cargada de nuevas tecnologías, cayó encima del Podewil, centro de cultura contemporánea de Berlín. En comparación con años anteriores, la Transmediale.01 dejó sorprendidos a muchos de sus habituales espectadores. Este año algo había cambiado. Normalmente se desarrollaba en días paralelos al Berlín Film Festivale (Berlinale), ya que surgió como parte de éste aunque desde su primera versión se independizó. Muchos de los berlineses identifican la Transmediale con una desenfrenada proyección de vídeos, ya que en versiones anteriores las proyecciones se desarrollaban durante los diez días que duraba el festival, sin pausa alguna desde el mediodía a entrada ya la noche.

Arte y Activismo en la Red: propuestas artísticas para una renovación de las prácticas sociales El mundo de la Informática y de las Telecomunicaciones mueve la Bolsa, la economía y las finanzas, pero también el Arte y la Cultura. Para algunos artistas la Red representa un nuevo espacio de libertad de expresión ycomunicación horizontal y participativa. Para otros, es el brazo ejecutivo del nuevo poder totalitario de las economías emergentes. Karin Ohlenschläger Cinevideo20