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Daniel G. Andujar Archive

lux ziffer #3

an anonymous award for those who feed or fight the digital dragon

the lux ziffer award was first assigned at .01. lux ziffer #1went to Daniel Garcia Andujar for his CD-Rom Phoney TM, which in adisquieting way pretends to unlawfully access private data and to executeother illegal Internet actions .

the prize, which is awarded by an anonymous person, is again presentedat transmediale.03: it implies a cash prize of 666 euro for whichpursue a ‘cannibalistic, digital concept for the future'.

lux ziffer #3 addresses artists who do not subordinate themselves to anapparent system of rules of the digital universe, but feel provoked tocircumvent, to break, to reinterpret or to subvert rules in askillful and creative manner.

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