Re: Duchamp

“Re: Duchamp, Traveling Exhibition” is one of the most recent works of Abraham Lubelski and incorporates the work of over 250 other artists (including Nam June Paik, Dennis Oppenheim, Carl Andre, Ilya + Emilia Kabakov, Inka Essenhigh, Taylor Mead, and Larry Weiner, among others). The installation, after Duchamp’s installation for the “First Papers of Surrealism”, is an assemblage of clotheslines from which are hung all the artwork to be viewed at once. These shows become a Duchampian metaphor of the contemporary art world.

When Duchamp developed a benefit exhibition for the French Relief Societies in 1942 with a mile of string it was not only to fulfill a commission to do things as cheaply as possible but it was also the opportunity to create a metaphor for the difficulties the visitor often encounters in the attempt to understand modern art. To Duchamp, to Beuys, everything is art and everything is possible. Or at least art is an attempt at the seemingly impossible. Still the greatest dream of everyone is to live a life of freedom: free to be curious, to explore, to seize the moment, to understand. The artist and the world create a common bond, that we are united in our search for “truth.”

The installation has evolved as it has been presented from country to country. “Re: Duchamp” has already been exhibited in New York City and in various cities in Germany, Poland, Chile and Israel.

The “Re:Duchamp Travelling Exhibition” forms part of the “Markers” project, that involves well-know cultural foundations that operate in Venice, such as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and Biennale Arti Visive, besides the Municipality of Venice itself.

Mark Amerika
Daniel Garcia Andujar
Douglas Davis
Christoph Draeger
Peter Fend
Joy Garnett
Paul Garrin
Ken Goldberg
Wang Gongxin
Marina Grzinic & Aina Smid
Wenda Gu
Ingo Gunther
Kira Lynn Harris
Liang-Mei Huang
Jon Ippolito
Eduardo Kac
Yael Kanarek
Olga Kisseleva
John Klima
Tina Laporta
Jenny Marketou
Marcello Mazza
Paul D. Miller, Dj Spooky
Olu Oguibe
Andres Serrano
Hani Rashid (Asymptote Architects)
Mark Tribe

curated by: CRISTINE WANG
media sponsor: NY ARTS magazine

Church of S. Maria Ausiliatrice
Fondamenta San Gioacchin 454, Venice

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