"Re: Duchamp, Traveling Exhibition" is one of the most recent works of Abraham Lubelski and incorporates the work of over 250 other artists (including Nam June Paik, Dennis Oppenheim, Carl Andre, Ilya + Emilia Kabakov, Inka Essenhigh, Taylor Mead, and Larry Weiner, among others). The installation, after Duchamp's installation for the "First Papers of Surrealism", is an assemblage of clotheslines from which are hung all the artwork to be viewed at once. These shows become a Duchampian metaphor of the contemporary art world.

DYSTOPIA. CURATED BY CRISTINE WANG (CURATOR, NEW MEDIA ARTS) MACHINES WILL LEAD TO A NEW ORDER BOTH OF WORK AND OF LEISURE" [Le Corbusier, Vers une Architecture (1923)] Artists at the beginning of the 20th century sought towork in hybrid forms, as a socially-oriented movement, anutopian vision which embodied the idealism of a neworder, believing itself capable of changing, reforming,reordering--totally changing all aspects of human life.They embraced the notion of the all-encompassing role ofart: the profound belief in the ability of art to effectchange. Almost one hundred years later, into the new millenium,we have seen the effects of this utopian vision: thefailure of modernism and its various permutations on aglobal basis.


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