Psychoeconomy. The upcomming summit: Sevilla 2011

Since the last summit in Madrid in July 2010, nothing has improved. We are still confronted with the deepest economic and financial crisis since the Second World War, and now we must add a global crisis of political representation. This year, corporate leaders will meet again with a renewed goal: to write another declaration seeking to reverse the status of the global economy.


Paolo Cirio. London
Basic Credit Network

Alessandro Ludovico. Bari
Face To Facebook

Daniel G. Andújar. Barcelona
Technologies To The People

Olivier Schulbaum. (Platoniq) Palma de Mallorca

Gustavo Romano. Madrid
Time Notes

The Summit will be developed in Sevilla between December 5th to 11st in the CAAC (Center of Contemporary Art of Andalucia)

December 2011

Monday 5th
Opening of the Information Spot at the CAAC.
Place: The Psychoeconomy Container, near the Royal Pavilion

Thursday 8th
Internal meeting.

Friday 9th
Internal meeting.
Public Opening of the Summit.
Presentation of the publication about the Madrid Summit 2010
Place: Royal Pavilion Auditorium

Saturday 10th
Internal discussion and editing of the declaration.
Presentation of the Declaration.
Round table.
Closing ceremony.
Place: Royal Pavilion Auditorium

Venues at:
CAAC (Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporaneo)
Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de Las Cuevas






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