T h e N e x t F i v e M i n u t e s 3

Tactical Media Event
March 12-14, 1999, Amsterdam/Rotterdam, NL

The Programme
(speakers, times, dates, locations. subject to minor changes)

De Balie
Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

Weteringschans 6-8
1017 SG Amsterdam

De Waag (Theatrum Anatomicum)
Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam

V2_Organisatie (Rotterdam)
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam

Virtual conference venues:
http://www.n5m.org, hosted by The Digital City: http://www.dds.nl


Live web broadcasts at http://www.dds.nl/live:
DDS 1: radio from Paradiso (24 hours a day)
DDS 2: the live program from the main hall in Paradiso and the TV live show
DDS 3: from the Balie

Radio broadcasts (Amsterdam only) at:
n5m3-basis: 95.8 FM
Radio 100: 98.3 FM
Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM
Agent Radio: 96.3 FM

Television broadcasts at Amsterdam Cable: Salto A1 (channel 26)
Friday: live from 21.00 - 1.00 hours
tapes from 2.00 - 16.00 hours
Saturday: live from 22.00 - 2.00 hours
tapes from 2.00 - 11.00 hours


New Media Culture in Europe
De Balie, grote zaal, Thursday 17.00 - 18.45 hours
Presentation of the book 'New Media Culture in Europe' and the Hybrid Media
Lounge website & cd-rom
With: Marleen Stikker (De Waag), Rick van der Ploeg (Secretary of State for
Culture), Thorsten Schilling (mikro.org), Bronac Ferran (Arts Council of
England), Tijmen van Grootheest (chair Virtueel Platform)

Mongrel 'National Heritage'
Installation 'National Heritage'
Opening: Thursday 11th March 20.00 hours
The Society for Old and New Media/De Waag, Theatrum Anatomicum
including material from the Mongrel workshop in the Bijlmer
Open from 12.00 - 20.00 hours from Friday 12th March until Thursday 18th March

Workshop 'National Heritage'
Presentation and conversation in the Bijlmer at the community centre
Saturday 6th March 14.00 - 17.00 hours: presentation
Sunday 7th March 11.00 - 17.00 hours
Monday 8th March 13.00 - 17.00 hours

The Mongrels are: Graham Harwood, Mervin Jarman, Matsuko Yokokoji, Richard
Pierre Davis and Matthew Fuller

In co-operation with Montevideo.

Grand Opening Night
Organisation: Radio Patapoe and n5m
Kalenderpanden, Entrepotdok 98, Thursday 21.00 - 01.00 hours
With: Station Rose (Frankfurt), Convex TV (Berlin), Erik Hobijn (Amsterdam),
Ashley Gillard (London)


The Tactical Guide to the Conference
De Balie, grote zaal, Friday 10.30 hours
Program outline and introduction to the overall themes

Feminism & Media Strategies/Cyber Feminism
Friday, De Balie, grote zaal, 11.00 - 13.30 hours
With: Old Boys Network and next Cyberfeminist International Participants:
Strategies for a New Cyberfeminism. Outcomes of the debates at the next
Cyberfeminist International (8 - 11 March, Rotterdam)
Maria Fernandez (Pittsburgh): The Web and Questions of Race and Ethnicity
Vesna Jankovic (Attack) and Suncana Spirovan (Zamir/'Because') (Croatia):
Fe-mail activism in Croatia
Irina Aristarkhova (Moscow): Radek, Russian women and the net
Moderation: Karin Spaink

European Affairs
Friday, De Balie, salon, 13.00 - 14.00 hours
Presentation of the outcomes of the Vienna European Cultural
Backbone/Networking Centres of Innovation meeting
Presentation plus future of Hybrid Media Lounge Site & CD-ROM
Moderation: Marleen Stikker

Art Of Campaigning
Paradiso, Friday 14.00 - 17.30 hours, main hall
With: Ineke Zeldenrust of the Clean Clothes Campaign International
Secretariat (Amsterdam), Apo Leong: Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Rex
Varona: Asia Migrant Centre (Hongkong)
Sans Papiers & other French campaigns (Paris): presented by Nathalie Magnan
Gisela Seidler and Florian Schneider (Munich): kein mensch ist illegal
DeeDee Halleck (San Diego), founding member of Paper Tiger: Prison Campaign
and Chiapas Media Project
Rachel Baker (London): The Clubcard Project
Augustin de Quijano (London): Reclaim the Streets/Anti-roads campaigns
Sam de Silva (Australia): Stop Jabiluka (uranium mining) and other
Australian-based campaigns
Alex Karschnia (Frankfurt): Vote Yourself! The Art & Politix-Mix of
Christoph Schlingensief's "Chance 2000" (a German anti-party)
Moderation: Geert Lovink

The Amsterdam Media Debate
De Balie, grote zaal, Friday 17.30 - 19.00 hours
70's nostalgia versus neo-liberalism?
Existing infrastructures and/or new configurations?
Moderation: Menno Grootveld

Interfund Launch Meeting
Balie, salon, Friday 17.30 - 18.30 hours
With: Manu Luksch, co-organiser of Art Servers Unlimited (London), Armin
Medosch, telepolis (London), Inke Arns, curator and critic (Berlin), Diana
McCarty, organiser (Budapest)
Moderation: Rasa Smite, e-lab (Riga) and Eric Kluitenberg

Night of the Video Activists
Friday night, De Balie, grote zaal, 20.30 hours
With: Yutaka Tsuchiya (Tokyo) (video act), Undercurrents (London), Paper
Tiger TV (Next Generation) and others
Moderation: David Garcia

How Low Can You Go Show
Paradiso, Friday night, main hall, 21.00 hours
With: Tjebbe van Tijen, artist and archivist (Amsterdam): Shadow Play
James Wallbank/Redundant Technology Initiative (UK) "Low Tech Manifesto"
Alexei Shulgin (Moscow): 386DX Cyberpunk Rockband
Katarina Soukup (Montreal): Radio Bicyclette
Marko Peljhan (Ljudmila): Insular Technologies
Vuk Cosic (Ljubljana), Walter van der Cruijssen/Ascii Art Ensemble (Amsterdam)
Eine kleine Wassermusik (Amsterdam): Aquartet
Tetsuo Kogawa (Tokyo): mini fm lecture/performance
Convex TV (Berlin): a/bbs, the audio bulletin broadcast system
Institute for Affordable Lunacy (IBW, Eindhoven): Let's Go!
Emer Beamer (Amsterdam): Beeldbuizen en Huilbuizen

VIP-club dance night: Low-tech solutions to high-tech problems, VJ's, DJ's &
live acts go back to basics!
23.45: live performance Project Dark
00.30: live performance Streamer
01.00: DJ Alec Smart
03.00: DJ Angelo(w)
With VJ's Boris Le Bouffe, Vision Impossible & Leptomania Art Movement


De Balie, grote zaal, Saturday, 11.00 - 13.30 hours
With: tao.ca, a collective/political content provider (Toronto)
Zenon Panoussis (Amsterdam)
Autonome a.f.r.i.k.a.-Gruppe, communication guerilla syndicate: integration
of the CDU
Rop Gonggrijp (Amsterdam)
Steven Kurtz/Critical Art Ensemble (Pittsburgh)
Franny Armstrong/McSpotlight (London)
Moderation: Jo van der Spek

Tactical Education: Media Competence
Paradiso, main hall, Saturday, 11.00 - 13.30 hours
Silvia Mejia:  Womens Prisons video campaign (Bogota, Colombia)
Shahidul Alam en Partha Sarker: multimedia trainer at Drik / Learn
Foundation (Bangladesh)
Jinx (aka Szabo Sandor): Rromadub  {AT}  C3 Centre for Culture and Communication
Ann Whitehurst (UK), campaigning artist and activist using focusing on
social stereotyping of disabled people.
John Hopkins (non-located), Tech-no-mad artist and educator: neo-scenes
Anna Har Mei-Yoke: community video trainer (Kuala Lumpur)
Mervin Jarman: Mongrel - National Heritage (London): develop radical
software products that scramble the assumptions of the new media industry
Thomas Poole (New York): Poetry Slams, using competitive street poetry
developed by African Americans to raise media literacy
Michael Eisenmenger: Paper Tiger TV (New York)
tao.ca/PJ: Jamal event (Toronto)
Moderation: David Garcia and Eric Kluitenberg

Streaming media: workshop
Saturday, Paradiso, small hall, 13.00 - 14.00 hours
Tetsuo Kogawa, (Tokyo), Rasa Smite, founder of e-lab (Riga), MauzZ and Nina
Meilof (Amsterdam), Adam Hyde, Radio Qualia (Adelaide), Josephine Bosma
(Amsterdam), Convex TV (Berlin)

Post Governmental Organisation
Paradiso, grote zaal, Saturday, 14.00 - 17.30 hours

PGO Debate
Steve Cisler/Association For Community Networking (US): U.S. Community
Network groups as PGOs
Kevin Dowling (UK): relationships between NGOs, mercenary armies and
Adrienne van Heteren/Open Society Institute (HU): The role of NGOs in the
transformation processes in Eastern Europe.
Thomas Keenan (US): the politics of the NGO-movement
Saskia Sassen (US): migration, global finance systems, governance and the
transformations of economic and social networks in the age of electronic
network technologies.
McKenzie Wark (AUS) media theorist and antipodean 'virtual geographer'

PGO Project Presentations
Richard Barbrook (London): Digital Workers Union
Luchezar Boyadjiev (Sofia): Culture Board
Daniel Garcia Andujar (Valencia): Art Power Database
RTMark (Los Angeles): Y2K Industries
Rasa Smite (Riga) and Manu Luksch (London): The Interfund
Jason Skeet (London): Association of Autonomous Astronauts

Moderation: Marcia Luyten and Andreas Broeckmann

South Asia
De Balie, grote zaal, Saturday 17.00 - 19.00 hours
With: Shahidul Alam: photographer & director of Drik Picture Library (Dhaka,
Kunda Dixit: Panos South Asia / Himal (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Afdhel Aziz: Freelance Journalist (Sri Lanka / London)
Shudhabrata Sengupta: Independent filmmaker (New Delhi, India)
Gijs Hillenius: Burma Centre the Netherlands
Moderation: Eric Kluitenberg

V2_East/Syndicate Meeting
Balie, salon, Saturday, 19.00 - 21.00 hours
Meeting of the Syndicate Network, the mailing list on electronic and media
art in Central and Eastern Europe

Tactical Education: Poetry & Motion
Paradiso, Saturday night, main hall, 21.00 hours
20.30: zaal open: DJ Soundwich
21.00: Film "Slam", presented by Emerald Beryl
22.45: Mike Ladd (30 min) performing Poet
23.10: Baby Kain Band (30 min.) Gylan Kain, original member of the Last Poets
23.40: Technopoetry: Serge van Duijnhoven, VJ Daniël Kousbroek & DJ Fat
01.00: Noodlanding: alternative dance night
Paradiso, Saturday night, small hall
01.00: Cyberslam for Mumia: live on http://www.dds.nl/live from New York,
Los Angeles, and a taco shop in San Diego. Hosted by Marty Lucas and Thomas
Poole (in Amsterdam) and Papoleto Melendez (USA).


Intereast forum
De Balie, grote zaal, Sunday 11.00 - 13.00 hours
With: Ilya Lee: (Taiwan) Media/net.activists
Anna Har Mei-Yoke, Community Video trainer and practitioner (Kuala Lumpur)
Tedjabayu Basuki (Jakarta, Indonesia): countering government propaganda
Haejong Cho (Seoul): do it yourself media for young unemployed
Toshiya Ueno (Tokyo)
Moderation: John Hutnyk (London)

Media & Conflict Resolution
Sunday, Paradiso, main hall, 11.00 - 14.00 hours
With: Iris Luarasi: Faculty of Journalism (Albania), Arber Vllahiu (Kosovo)
Vesna Manojlovic: Peace Schools in the former Yugoslavia / Opennet
Classroom (Belgrade / Amsterdam)
Vesna Jankovic: ATTACK / PAKRAC - Anti-War Action (Zagreb)
Marilyn Hyndman: Northern Visions (Belfast)
Michael Warschawski: The Alternative Information Centre - A joint Israelian
and Palestinian initiative (Jerusalem / Bethlehem)
Afdhel Aziz: Freelance Journalist - Conflict Resolution through Television -
A proposal for Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka / London)
Moderation: Andrée van Es

Corporate Counter Campaigns
De Balie, grote zaal, Sunday 13.00 - 15.00 hours
Andy Rowell (London): The Green Backlash
Sheila O'Donnell (San Francisco): Investigating Assaults on Activists
Claudia Peter (Muenich): TetraPak and the PR-strategies against Greens
Helen Holder/A SEED (Amsterdam): PR or Monsanto
Moderation: Eveline Lubbers

IKON radio: De Andere Wereld n5m special
De Balie, salon, Sunday 13.00 - 16.00 hours
With: Jo van der Spek and Rik Delhaas

Streaming Media: B92 presentation
Sunday, Paradiso, main hall, 13.30 hours
Sasa Mirkovic, Drazen Pantic and Sonja Radenkovic (Belgrade)

Streaming Media forum
Sunday, Paradiso, main hall, 14.00 - 16.30 hours
With: B92 (Belgrade), Tetsuo Kogawa, radio activist (Tokyo), Ashley Gillard,
pirateradio.co.uk (London), Erwin Blom, VPRO (Netherlands), Freespeech TV
(New York)
Moderation: Josephine Bosma

Art After Activism?
De Balie, grote zaal, Sunday, 15.00 - 16.30 hours
With: DeeDee Halleck (US), Alex Galloway/Rhizome, Shu Lea Cheang/visual
artist, Kate Rich/Bureau of Inverse Technologies, Steven Kurtz/Critical Art
Ensemble (Pittsburgh), David Garcia (Amsterdam)
This debate will address some of the doubts that hard core activists have
about the usefulness of art in a political context.
Moderation: Babeth van Loo

Migration meeting
De Balie, kleine zaal, Sunday, 15.00 - 16.30 hours
Hacking the Borderline: Media & RL activism against new border regimes
With: Marc Chemillier (Paris), De Fabel van de Illegaal (Leiden), IM-media
(Paris), Cross the border (Munich), Olia Lialina (Moscow), RTMark (US), Rex
Varona (Hongkong), autonoom centrum (Amsterdam), Bureau Jansen & Janssen

Closing debate & reports
Paradiso, main hall, Sunday 16.30 hours

Cinema Digitaal - Club Nu
Sunday, Paradiso, main hall, 21.00 hours
20.30: DJ Huub Roelvink
21.15: Presentation: Kees Brienen
Interview with Richard Sandler, director of the film 'The Gods of Time Square'
21.30: Start film: The Black Flag (10 min)
21.40: Start film: The Gods Of Time Square (100 min)
23.20: Club Nu: n5m Closing Party with DJ Huub Roelvink


Tactical Autonomous Zone
De Balie, kleine zaal and salon
* Satellite workshop. Ups and Downs Communication Satellites and Tactical
Media (Veritas & Fantasy). With: Raul Marroquin, MauzZ and Zoe D'Amaro
(Amsterdam), DeeDee Halleck (Paper Tiger, San Diego), Deep Dish TV (New
York), Diederik Bangert, Editor in Chief Europe by Satellite, Alan Fountain,
Dr. Dish German satellite specialist/journalist, Vicki Gray (A2000,
Amsterdam) Michiel Hegener (freelance journalist), Robert van Boeschoten
(McLuhan program), Marko Peljhan (Ljudmila/insular technologies), Jed
Rosenzweig (New York) artist and media activist working with satellite
feeds, Rens Maas, Director of TSS-Telecom, Satellite equipment importer and
operator of an European-wide amateur Satellite TV channel from Heerhugowaard
(the Netherlands), Danny Puchen, satellite & tv dealer in Amsterdam with a
presentation on the use of satellite dishes among members of ethnic
minorities and as the main competitor of cable tv.
* Wizards of OS/software criticism workshop: presented by Volker
Grassmuck/mikro.org (Berlin); conference due July 1999
* Raul Marroquin (Amsterdam): Using Low End Technology as Shield and Sword
Against Government and the Private Sector Interference in Tactical
* Noel Douglas (UK): SupUrmarket- Ur scanner: a prototype portable network
device for anti-corporate information
* Paul Garrin (New York): Update of the name.space project
* Gabriele Leidlof (Hamburg): l o g in/l o c k e d out - a Statement on Mass
* Gary Danner and Elisa (Frankfurt): Station Rose, a book presentation
* Robin Hamman (London): Using free tools for building activist communities
* Trcps/Edgar Um Bucholtz and J. Fox (Pittsburgh): Pittsburgh filmstrip demo
* Guy van Belle (Gent): New Young Farmers Claim Future
* Undercurrents/Paul O'Connor and Roddy Mansfield (Oxford): Alternative News
* Andy Porter: Hi8us-projects, invent and perform camcorder dramas on the
* Igor Markovic: a joint presentation of Attack, autonomous cultural
factory, Arkzin, medialab Lamparna and BBS Zamir
* Dave Sag/Virtual Artists PTY Ltd (AUS): Robocam, working with
surveillance art
* Link; Lella (Bologna): The Global Link Project/ Meeting Gate Project
* Sue Thomas: !XENOPHOBIA! - a trAce Forum
* Christina Kopernik-Steckel (Amsterdam): EYFA Video Activists Network
* Paper Tiger Television (New York), Denise Gaberman :Subverting Media: a
Guide To Low Tech Information Activism/ Don't just view it do it!
* Free Speech TV (USA)Eric Galatas en Manse Jacobi : Media as a Movement
Building Tool
* Institute for applied autonomy (Pittsburgh):'Contestational robotics' project
* Stadtwerkstatt (Linz, Austria): 'clickscape98', public Internet projection
* Alex Galloway (New York): Rhizome, an online mailing list on
site-specific art
* Sava Tatic (Prague): Introducing C {AT} MP, the Centre for Advanced Media in
* Therese Zoekende: Amsterdam artist presenting her Bijlmer years
* United Press Conference: United for Intercultural Action. Launch of the
European Action Week against Racism
* Equipo Fiambrera, Flyingmind, Marcelo Exposito and United Artists from the
Museum: Tactical area, a low-tech Internet project

Curated by Peter van Hoof, Kees Brienen, Babeth van Loo and Giselle Micolo.

Friday, Balie
19:00-23:00  -Night of the Video Activists
23:00-01:00  -Waco: The rules of engagement. William Gazecki, 1997, US (136
min), betacam

Saturday, Balie
21:00-23:00  -La pitié dangereuse. Rony Brauman, France (58 min), betacam
-A Pig's Tale. Leah Gordon & Anne Parisio, 1998, UK (52 min),
23:00-01:00  -Coraje. Alberto Durant, Peru 1998, (110 min), betacam.
(English subtitles)

Saturday, Paradiso
21:00-23:00  -Slam: Let the Words Fly. Marc Levin, 1997, US (94 min), 35mm

Sunday, Balie
14:00-17:00  -Mumia Abu Jamal: Justice Denied. Thomas Filmyer, US 1998 (25
min), betacam
-Micky Mouse goes to Haiti: World Disney and the Science of
Exploitation. Crowing Rooster, Haiti/US 1997 (24 min), betacam
-Zoned for slavery: The Child behind the Label. Crowing
Rooster, Honduras/US, 1997 (24 min), betacam
-McLibel: Two Worlds Collide. Franny Armstrong, UK 1997 (60
min), betacam
19:00-21:00  -Slam: Let the Words Fly. Marc Levin, US 1997 (94 min), 35mm

Sunday, Paradiso
21:00-23:00  -Black Flag. Istvan Kantor, Canada 1998 (10 min), betacam
-The gods of times square. Richard Sandler, US 1998 (100 min),
betacam. Director present.

Insular Technologies
Workshop at V2_Organisation Rotterdam
15 - 17 March 99

Monday 15 March
late afternoon: first meeting, socialising
20.00 - 22.00: Public Presentation of the Insular Technologies project by
PACT Systems (Marko Peljhan/Borja Jelic)

Tuesday 16 March - Lectures, discussion and working sessions on:
10.00 - 14.00: Wireless Data Communications Technologies - characteristics
and alternatives.
15.00 - 18.00: Encryption - technical possibilities and legal aspects.
20.00 - 22.00: International Telecommunications Laws - legal and political
implications of the Insular Technologies System

Wednesday 17 March - Follow-up discussions
11.00 - 18.00: Follow-up on the themes and discussions of the previous day,
drafting of a realistic, suitable plan
20.00 - 22.00: Public presentation of the IT Consortium and workshop results

Participants include:

Balazs Beothy (HU) Representative of Consortium member C3. Jaap Both (NL)
Packet Radio and computer bricoleur. Michael van Eeden (NL) Representative
of Consortium member De Waag. Nico van Eijk (NL) Developer of plans for
strategic wireless broadcast media law. Arthur Elsenaar (NL) Innovator in
the field of radio, analogue/digital and human machine interfaces. Karel
Fassotte (NL) Representative of WorldCom. Jaanis Garancs (LV) Representative
of Consortium member E-Lab. Rop Gonggrijp (NL) Founder of XS4ALL and
cryptography expert. Peter Hagdahl (SE) Representative of Consortium member
CRAC. Borja Jelic (SI) of PACT Systems, radio/computer technician and
cryptography expert. Dmytrik Kleiner (CDN) Pirate radio & netcasting wizard
of IDIO-AUDIO infamy. Sergiy Kuchma (UA) Secure speech communication, speech
coding. Kees Mulder (NL) Packet Radio and computer bricoleur. Marko Peljhan
(SI) of PACT Systems, short-wave radio strategist. Sinisa Rogic (YU)
Representative of Consortium member CyberRex. Remko Scha (NL) Innovator in
the field of sound and radio. Raitis Smits (LV) Representative of Consortium
member E-Lab. James Stevens (UK) Representative of Consortium member
Backspace. Patrik Tschudin (CH) Packet Radio over short-wave (HF) and VHF.
Will Waites (CDN) TAO-affiliated GNU-coder and network protocol specialist.

Prospective members of the Consortium include:
Backspace, London. C3 - Centre for Culture and Communication, Budapest. CRAC
- Creative Room for Art and Computing, Stockholm. CyberRex, Belgrade. E-Lab,
Riga. Ljudmila - Ljubljana Digital Media Lab, Ljubljana. Public Netbase,
Vienna. V2_Organisation - Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam. De
Waag - Society for Old and New Media, Amsterdam.

If you are interested in participating in the workshop, please contact
Andreas Broeckmann <abroeck {AT} v2.nl>.

Next Cyberfeminist International
De Unie, Rotterdam, Monday 8th - Thursday 11th March '99
More info at: obn {AT} ipr.nl

Monday, March 8
14.00: opening event of the next Cyberfeminist International
With: An introductory discussion by Old Boys Network members
Nat Muller: Cyberfeminists and Activism
Mare Tralla (Estonia/UK) and Pam Skelton (UK): Private Views: Space
Recognised in Contemporary Art from Estonia and Britain
Yvonne Volkart: Art strategies in the New World Order
Helene von Oldenburg: SpiderBug. Browsing the Brain

Tuesday, March 9
Hacking as method and metaphor
With: Cornelia Sollfrank, Barbara Thoens/ Rena Tangens, Stephanie Wehner,
Corrine Petrus/Marieke
17:00: open discussion: "women and hacking" with statements from all
speakers of the day

Wednesday, March 10
'Split bodies and fluid gender: the cutting edge of information technology
-- (between scientific and artistic visions)'
With: Claudia Reiche: Bio(r)Evolution® - On the Contemporary
Military-Medical Complex
Maren Hartmann: The Cyberflaneuse

Thursday, March 11
Feminist Activism/Resistance/Intervention/Globalism
With: Feminism, Difference, and Global Capital (Maria Fernandez and Faith
Wilding in conversation)
Ursula Biemann: <performing the border>
Rasa Smite: net.audio: enlivening the space
Caroline Bassett: A Manifesto Against Manifestos

HGIS, Program for international cultural relations of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science of The
Netherlands; Backbone; Mondriaan Foundation; Thuiskopiefonds; Apex Fund;
Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; Press Now; Salto

A. Passe partout / Dfl.65,-
- for all day, evening and night programmes at De Balie and Paradiso

B. Day tickets / Dfl.25,-
- for De Balie and Paradiso
- evening and night programmes included

C. Evening and night programmes:
Friday Dfl.20,-      (How Low Can You Go Show/VIP-night)
Saturday Dfl.20,-  (Poetry & Motion/Noodlanding-dance night)
Sunday Dfl.15,-    (Cinema Digitaal/Club Nu)

D. De Balie screening tickets / Dfl.10,-


| Gerbrand Oudenaarden, Producer
| The Next 5 Minutes 3 - Tactical Media
| March 12-13-14, 1999, Amsterdam.
| Kleine Gartmanplatsoen 10, 1017 RR Amsterdam, NL
| phone: +31-20-5535188, fax +31-20-5535194
| http://www.n5m.org

Marleen Stikker Director Society for Old and New Media / Maatschappij voor
Oude en Nieuwe Media De Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam Tel:
+31-20-557.9898, Fax: +31-20-557.9880  Email: stikker {AT} waag.org
http://www.waag.org en Name.Space: http://waag.free.zone

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