Secret por Valentín Roma, 2007 Secret es una propuesta que se integra dentro de las diversas actividades llevadas a cabo por el Archivo Postcapital de Daniel G. Andújar para Technologies To The People. Este fondo documental, que recopila más de 150.000 archivos digitales extraídos de la red (textos, secuencias de vídeo, bancos fotográficos, recortes de audio, links a asociaciones independientes, etc.), explora la compleja situación de las ideologías capitalistas y comunistas en el nuevo marco geopolítico resultante tras la caída del muro de Berlín. El Archivo Postcapital se presentó públicamente en La Virreina Exposiciones (Barcelona) en el 2006, dentro del contexto de Postcapital, un proyecto multimedia concebido por el ensayista Iván de la Nuez y los artistas Carlos Garaicoa y Daniel G. Andújar.

[Essay] Jacob Lillemose fortæller i dette essay om Daniel Garcia Andújars installation X-Devian. The New Technologies To The People System og om baggrunden for dette værk Af Jacob Lillemose Foto: Århus Kunstbygning

Udstillingen X-Devian. The New Technologies To The People System blev vist i Århus Kunstbygning fra 12. maj til 10. juni 2007

Udstillingsbillede fra Århus Kunstbygning

akb x-devianThe New Technologies To The People® System By Jacob Lillemose In 1999, when the art and technology festival Ars Electronica awarded The Golden Nica, first prize in the ”.net” category, to the programmer Linus Torvalds for his development of the Linux operating system, it was pointing in general to the relationship between free software and art, and more specifically to the affinity between free software and that part of contemporary art which is concerned with software’s constantly increasing influence on social, economic and political conditions. Like Linux, this part of contemporary art works against the proprietary software industry’s standardization, repression and rationalization of the software culture, and instead explores alternate possibilities for freeing the software culture through more open, expressive and speculative processes. On a more indirect level, Ars Electronica’s choice of Linux also emphasized another relationship between free software and this contemporary art, i.e. the idea informing both that software is not just a question of programming, but of producing culture - of understanding and using technology as a means of engaging in a social context. According to the founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) Richard Stallman, free software is about ”practical material advantages” but also about ”what kind of society we want to live in, and what constitutes a good society”. 1 Stallman himself imagines an extremely collective and creative society founded on the freedom to ”use, study, copy, modify and redistribute software”. For him, the free software’s fundamental abolishment of intellectual property rights represents a chance to structurally and conceptually ”reprogram” society for the better, and this is an opinion he shares with much of contemporary art.

X-Devian. The New Technologies To The People System 2003- Social event in public space: production, promotion and distribution of FLOSS software and advertising video Presented with advertising video in the exhibition, and during the Irational Action Weekend in Dortmund Judging from the


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