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Daniel G. Andujar Archive

Interactions with the City: OUR Public Space

Interactions with the City: OUR Public Space by Drugomore on Mixcloud

City and its Citizens: OUR
(Panel No.2, Mine Yours Ours festival)

Citizens fighting against from the government:

Can we talk Project capitalism?
How can civic actions become more visible and more successful?

Panel moderators: Nebojša Zelić and Davor Mišković
Panel duration: 2 hours

Speakers: Slaven Tolj, Emil Jurcan, Daniel Andujar, Hans D. Christ, Yvonne Doderer, Adrian Evans, Bernardo Vaz Pinto, Anne Pulli, Iwona Preis, Agnieszka Wlazel, Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda…

Organizer: Drugo more, Rijeka,
April 10-12

Jingle: Ducks Records (Szilo)

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