Wealth of Nations Wealth of Nations Exhibition (6–14th June, Trg Slobode, Novi Sad)
Conference (7th and 8th June, SNP, kamerna scena)

Wealth of Nations is a part of the Cinema City festival and consists of an exhibition and a conference. The term ‘Wealth of Nations’ is the title of the seminal book by the Scottish economist Adam Smith, in which he establishes and defends the basics of Liberal Economic Policy. Liberal Economics experienced its peak in the 1990s after the concept of Real Socialism had failed and the global free market had been established. This economy, however, has entered a period of deep crisis in the past few months and it might, for a shorter or longer period, affect the stability of societies all over the planet. The topic of ‘Wealth of Nations’ this year will delve into the influences that the Economic and Financial sectors have on society and consequently, on cultural production.

The aim of both the exhibition and the conference ‘Wealth of Nations’ is to bring together Art, Theory, Social Sciences and Economics, Cultural Studies and Finance in order to discuss the phenomenon of money within different social and historical contexts and meanings. According to its definition money is : a) a measure of value b) a medium of exchange and c) a medium of capital accumulation. The fact is that money is never solely money as a measure of economic value. It is a measure of value that participates in the constitution, and the control and regulation of both the material and nonmaterial (irrational or imaginary) social body/subject and its relations. From such a position, money can be viewed as the basis of social power, as the main element or measure of value, or as a symbolic or numerical abstraction.

[gallery=42] THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF IRATIONAL.ORG: Tools, Techniques and Events 1996-2006 Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina Dunavska 37, Novi Sad, Serbia Curators: Inke Arns (Dortmund) and Jacob Lillemose (Kopenhagen) Dates: 28. October - 27. November 2008. from 9-17h, during weekends from 9-14h; Museum is closed on Mondays. Production: New Media Center_kuda.org, Novi Sad, http://www.kuda.org Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund, http://www.hmkv.de Co-producers of the show: Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, http://www.msuv.org Institute for Flexible Culture and Technologies - Napon, Novi Sad, http://www.napon.org

Izložba čuvenih pionira net.arta

kustosi:Inke Arns, Jakob Lilemoze (Jacob Lillemose)

Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine, Novi Sad

Dunavska 37, Novi Sad

28. Oktobar - 27. Novembar 2008.

Otvaranje izložbe: Utorak 28. Oktobar, u 20:00 časova

Producent izložbe:

Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine, Novi Sad

Koproducenti izložbe :

Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund

Centar za nove medije_kuda.org, Novi Sad

Institut za fleksibilne kulture i tehnologije – Napon, Novi Sad

Irational je neformalna grupa šest internacionalnih net i medijskih umetnika koji su se svojevremeno okupili oko servera irational.org, kojeg je osnovao britanski net umetnik Heath Bunting 1996. Članovi Irational.org su: Daniel G. Andujar (Valensija/Španija), Rachel Baker (London/Velika Britanija), Kayle Brandon (Bristol/Velika Britanija), Heath Bunting (Bristol/Velika Britanija), Minerva Cuevas (Mexico City/Meksiko), Marcus Valentine (Bristol/Velika Britanija)


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