Presentation of the awards, February 10th, 8.30 pm The award ceremony of this year's transmediale.01 for the categories Video, Interactive and Artistic Software took place on Saturday evening. Together with all the shortlisted artists, artist's groups and numerous international guests, the State Minister for Culture and Media Prof. Julian Nida-Rümelin awaited the announcement of the prizewinners. In his introduction, Nida-Rümelin pointed out the necessity to consider and foster media art as an integral part and critical mirror of the information society. The prize in the category Artistic Software, a prize which was awarded at the transmediale for the first time at an international festival, was split between Adrian Ward/Signwave (UK) for his program „Auto-Illustrator“ [] and Netochka Nezvanova for her very idiosyncratic internet browser „Nebula.M81 - Autonomous“ []. The prize in the category Interactive went to Herwig Weiser and Albert Bleckmann (D) for their installation „zgodlocator“ []. The prize in the category Video was split as well between Istvan Kantor (CDN) for „BROADCAST“ and Sylvie Laliberté (CDN) for „L’Outil n’est pas toujours un marteau“.