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documenta 12 magazines, Zehar Who talks about art today?-Daniel García Andujar When we considered organising a debate on the teaching of art, on the one hand we wanted to include the “educational memory” built up at Arteleku which, like a “rolling stone”, seemed to us to be “alive” and, on the other, we wished to open up a discussion on the current teaching of art (music, architecture, and so on), based on the comments and accounts of people with experience in official and non-official education who have worked together with Arteleku and/or Zehar. By taking an analysis of the various educational practices and experiences that we have been familiar with as a starting point and, as we are aware of how important education is becoming in modern societies, we decided to issue a call for contributions and raise a series of questions that would help us to discover and disseminate the ideas that the agents involved in teaching art are working on: