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FOKUS FESTIVAL Screen from Barcelona has been invited to participate at FOKUS Video Art Festival 2012, the second edition of the festival initiated by Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen 2012. Cacotopía (Daniel G. Andujar and Avelino Sala)2011. 23m 45 s. from avelino sala on Vimeo. On this ocasion SFB has curated a programme that reflects on the different modes and strategies of production. We believe that these are key issues of interest to artists, institutions and agents involved in the creative cultural field, enabling the collective discussion in the frame of FOKUS Festival. Furthermore, the selection will allow us to map out our network methodology and explain our premises as a platform and a festival. On another hand and beyond the strand of production, the pieces also share affinities in that they all portray a series of heterotopias, in the sense described by M. Foucault: they explore landscapes and places which encapsulate an strong “other” imaginaries, different from what they appear to be, and are situated at the heart of society –be this symbolical, historical or physical- but constitute its margins, its limits. It is in a way an attempt to trace a spectral geography of histories blurred by official narratives, the suspended time of

FIRST SCREEN // Premières de artistas en La Pedrera Una de las intenciones que viene marcando la programación de LOOP/Screen from Barcelona es la de intentar que el festival sirva de marco para presentar obras en primicia. Tanto en la feria como en las propuestas expositivas o screenings, se ha procurado siempre priorizar estrenos o trabajos muy recientes. En 2011, esta tendencia se consolida en un programa, First Screen / Premières de artistas en La Pedrera fruto de la colaboración de LOOP/ Screen from Barcelona y la Fundación CatalunyaCaixa, que surge de la voluntad de explorar la diversidad de estrategias creativas que se dan cita en el ámbito de las prácticas artísticas audiovisuales contemporáneas.