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Giving Form to the Impatience of Liberty An exhibition by Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart Curators Iris Dressler, Hans D. Christ Grupo Baja Mar Ricardo Basbaum, Igor Vamos, Dale Yeo, Elisabeth Mc Lendon, Daniel García Andújar Cerrado - Estamos Vigilando – Ocup do (Closed – We are watching – Occup d), 1994 Video documentation of a threepart intervention with rakes at the beaches Playa de Gros and Playa de La Concha in San Sebastian in July 1994.   In 1994, Spanish-American artist Antoni Muntadas was offered a solo show at the Arteleku art institute in San Sebastian. He instead suggested a workshop for art students, which finally led to the project Urban Intervention , runed by Muntadas and artists such as Hans Haacke and Krzysztof Wodiczko. Among the participants were Ricardo Basbaum, Igor Vamos (better known these days as The Yes Men), Dale Yeo, Elisabeth Mc Lendon and Daniel García Andújar, who together made up the Grupo Baja Mar (low tide). Their project consisted of three conceptual pieces done at the Gros and La Con - cha beaches. They used rakes to write three statements in the sand, one after the other, at low tide – cerrado (closed), estamos vigilando (we are watching), and ocup [ ] do (occup [ ] d).