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Vito Campanelli, neural The Banquete project is a series of exhibitions which promote the Spanish state-of-the-art scene. This year's installment (the third) took place at the Laboral in Gijon. The project is very well organised and succeeds in bringing people from disparate places together. The thirty artists selected by curator Karin remains the development of a synergy inclusive of art, science, technology and society. Also important to Banquete are the most recent expressions of Spanish digital art and the concept of networks as human networks using computers as interface and not and not to computer networks strictu sensu. The phenomenon of social and cultural networking is looked at from a variety of perspectives, beginning with urban and territorial networks. Significant artists working in these areas include the Hackitectura and Escoitar collectives and Clara Boj and Diego Díazt's "Observatorio" project. The latter consisted of an installation placed on a tower which overlooked Laboral University which allowed for comtemplation of the city's landscape while also juxtaposing a vizualization of the Wi-fi nodes located there. The assumption is that free Internet access is a characteristic of the geography of a city. Marta de Ponzalo and Públio Pérez Prieto's video installation, Dora García's micro-stories and