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SITAC Third International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory January 22-24 2004 Teatro de los Insurgentes Mexico City Director: Issa Benitez Duenas Opening Lecture: Hal Foster The Third SITAC focuses on the concept of RESISTANCE as the topic of debate and reflection. It is indeed an ambiguous term that nevertheless seems to be revised given the recent cultural and political events. These, in addition to weakening Western democratic ideals, have shown the scant incidence the opinion of the common man has in their own social environment. Facing this situation makes the need for a critical and contentious cultural project not only desirable but also indispensable. Nevertheless it seems that a large part of artistic strategies that have been initiated in this vein have turned out to be insufficient or else they have been easily integrated within the system that they seem to question. It is in the context of this contradiction that the Third SITAC attempts to delve into the possibility of a new form of social, cultural and artistic activism, one that perhaps offers some prospect of efficacy on a smaller scale and in more immediate contexts. Jan 22: Resistance as possibility Speakers: Ines Garcia Canal, Boris Groys, Ole Bouman, Giuseppe Patella, Yves Michaud. Coordinator: Cuahutemoc Medina Jan 23: Spaces and strategies of resistance Speakers: Antoni Muntadas, Thomas Hirschhorn, Gustav Metzger, Daniel Garcia Andujar, Jota Castro. Coordinator: Tobias Ostrander Jan 24: Resistance and seduction: the Mexican case Speakers: Francisco Reyes Palma, Anton Vidokle, Alberto Lopez Cuenca. Coordinator: Olivier Debroise