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Postcapital, Exhibition View, WKV Stuttgart, 2008

Postcapital. Archive 1989 – 2001 Program

Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart Lecture (in english) Tuesday, December 2, 2008, 7 pm Abstract Keiko Sei will talk about her experiences with border crossings through video tapes, the screening of these tapes, and about her collaboration with dissident groups, the Samizdat media people, artists, and writers in Eastern Europe during the communist period and after—as well as how this experience, research, and her video archive have been used in other still-totalitarian countries such as Burma. She will also screen tapes that have crossed borders many times, such as: Spartakiada, the Czechoslovakian communist mass game having taken place once every five years, the last May Day celebration in communist Czechoslovakia, a Hungarian Samizdat video, an election campaign video of the first presidential election in Romania, Hungarian live broadcasting of the Romanian Revolution, a Yugoslavian satire video on Tito, a documentation of the day when Emperor Hirohito died, and political reality TV in Thailand.