dscf6004_1.jpg JAVIER MARROQUÍ Artecontexto, Nº 19 / 2008 / 3 In Valencia we are always in the midst of a crisis, and I don't mean an economic one; although that, too, although it will never be acknowledged-but a cultural one. For years we have been subjected to a situation in which the institutions have seized control not only of cultural management but also of creation. I begin this way because I regard it as necessary to align ourselves with the Herramientas del arte. Relecturas [Tools of Art: Re-readings] project curated by Alvaro de los Ángeles, with the firm proposition of re-reading and reflecting again upon on the players in the art world and the perennially problematic relations amongst them. This is a customary activity of several producers who (still) work from Valencia. A need seems to be felt to begin to criticise what is going to be done, before anything is done. I regard this more as an inevitable attitude than as an obligatory stance. And it is only to recall that Alvaro de los Ángeles has been faithful to this critical spirit for years.


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