Global Network for citizen participation. Valencia. October 2010

Global Network for citizen participation Direction: Domingo Mestre Programming: Ángela Molina F. Coordination: : María Gómez-Lechón & Silvia D. Melgar Free entry. Limited capacity Venue: Sala Parpalló (c/Alboraia, 5) Museo de Bellas Artes de Valencia (c/ San Pío V, 9) Inscription Reservations: registration form Credits Students of Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (1993 syllabus) may gain 1 credit of free configuration for at least 20 hours attendance at the obligatory sessions. The need to get all individuals involved in the construction of social issues is one of the pillars on which the  democratic ideal of citizen participation rests.  At the present time, easy access to new technologies gives rise to new forms of interaction and collaboration that go beyond every known frontier, including those that used  to exist between avant-garde art and popular culture. Thus, just as important museums share the limelight on the Internet  with anonymous virtual files, there also exist modest down-to-earth initiatives, closely linked to the idiosyncrasies  of the territory and its people, that take on an aesthetic significance  akin to the great works of art, although they obviously  do not share their market value. A socio-cultural recognition that they obtain, precisely, because those … Continue reading Global Network for citizen participation. Valencia. October 2010